Two instances of the public disrupting normal government business occurred in Dublin following the newest budget announcements.

At the Dail chamber, an attempted invasion by a man was thwarted when he was intercepted by ushers. And at government buildings on Merrion Street, protesters blocked exits surrounding the building, forcing members to remain held-up inside for about an hour and a half.

The Journal reports that an Oireachtas spokesman confirmed that “somebody attempted to breach the security within the House.” He continued by saying that “he was dealt with by the staff, and all the usual procedures worked.”

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The man, who was a member of a visiting party to the Dail, passed the usual security and made it to the top of the main staircase into the chamber at Leinster House before being intercepted and put into an arm-lock by the ushers, The Journal reports. His motive for the invasion into the chambers is not known.

The Herald is also reporting that protesters were removed by Gardai after blocking several exits surrounding the Department of the Taoiseach during a press conference. Those inside were forced to remain there until about 9pm last night.

RTE Radio One business correspondent Emma McNamara, one of those who was inside, said of the situation that, "Some protesters were sitting outside the gates of the various access points on Merrion Street, so the Attorney General's office and the Department of the Taoiseach, and the Department of Finance's offices were blocked -- some by three people, some by five people who were there sitting down.” She also noted how there was a heavy Garda presence.

The Herald reported that this protest was relatively small compared to others following Budget announcements, and that the one last night remained peaceful with no injuries accounted for.