Read more: Ireland’s Catholic priests unhappy with new translation of missal

The Catholic Church plans to go ahead with plans to introduce a new missal (the text used for Mass) despite protests from the Association of Catholic Priests and the fact that Irish priests seems to think their parishioners too stupid to understand the new text.

The Association feels that the new text is sexist and cumbersome. The text currently used in Ireland dates back to 1975.

A Daily Telegraph blogger David Thompson believes that the associations "whinge" implies that "their parishioners aren't bright enough to grasp the new texts" which are more loyal to the original Latin texts.
Thompson asked whether the priests of Ireland are in any position to "lecture the Church on standards of are miserably low in Ireland".

In the Association's statement they said "While the bishops listened to our concerns, we regret to say that, judging by their response,they failed to take on board what we said.”

The association said that the new texts would have "serious repercussions for parishes”.

Their statement also said that the new texts might be unfair to the female followers of the Church. It said

"We fear that the continued use of sexist language with its use of man, men and brothers as generic terms will alienate some women and men."

The new texts will come into effect in November on the first Sunday of Advent.

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