A trio of Irish priests is set to challenge Susan Boyle for the number one Christmas album.

Known as "The Priests," Father Martin O'Hagan, his brother Father Eugene and Father David Delargy, began singing together at high school in Northern Ireland.

They've even attracted the attention of Pope Benedict XVI who says he is a huge fan,

In Britain, bookies have halved the odds they are offering on the trio to take the top album spot to 25-1.

The big hearted Irish priests - who were signed up by Sony in a $2m record deal in February 2008 - give all their profits to charity.

Their last album sold nearly two million copies and their new one is due out on November 23.

Father Martin says the men "don't know where this is going. We're relying on God."

Their musical tastes are a mixed bag.

Father Eugene likes Tina Turner and Sting; Father Martin cites Neil Young as an inspiration and Father David likes Bruce Springsteen.

However, their devout fans say The Priests sing like like angels.

See for yourself. Click on the link at the top of the story to hear them singing Ave Maria in Armagh Cathedral.