An Irish priest was shot, beaten, and robbed by three men who followed him home from the bank. 

Father Gerry Desmond has been released from hospital in a stable condition after recovering in from the vicious attack.

The priest was targeted by three armed men after he withdrew money from a bank ATM in Lima.

According to a local police spokesperson, the priest (70) was in "civilian clothes" when the frightening ordeal occurred. 

The men followed him home to the slum district of San Juan de Lurigancho, beat him around the head, and shot him in his feet before taking his money. 

OREMOS POR LA SALUD DEL P. GERARDO DESMOND. Esta mañana, el P. Gerardo Desmond, Párroco de Cristo Liberador, en San Juan...

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Fr. Desmond, known as Papa Gerardo, has worked with the Peruvian diocese for over 10 years.

Unidos en oración por el P. Gerardo Desmond, párroco de la Parroquia Cristo Liberador. El P. Gerardo está fuera de...

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Here, he opened a primary school and community centre in the San Juan de Lurigancho slum and campaigned for better facilities in the local chapels, including pews, windows, music equipment, and PA systems.