As the flooding continues in Brisbane officials expect between 6,500 and 9,000 homes and businesses to be evacuated and the public will be moved to refuge centers in some area.
Brian Harty, an Irishman living in Bulimba, Brisbane, spoke to the Herald as he prepared to be evacuated from him home. On Tuesday he was evacuated from work so he had time to organize his belongings.
He said “I've moved my possessions upstairs. If it does reach the ground floor I'm going to evacuate the house in advance, I'll have batteries and torches for when they're cutting the electricity."
Originally from Naas, County Kildare, Brian now works for Digicell. He explained that he was lucky to live in Bulimba as they had a huge amount of notice as the floodwaters moved through Queensland of the last number of days.
Louise McCarthy (25) from Glasnevin, Dublin was holidaying in Queensland when the floods hit. She was forced to abandon her car and fly to Brisbane to escape the floods.
The flood is about to hit Brisbane. This will be the worst flood seen in the city since 1974. Although the last day and half has been eerily quiet the people of Brisbane have been told by the authorities to prepare for a “shocking and remarkable challenge”.
In some suburbs of Brisbane the waters past the second storey, on Wednesday, at 4.2 meters. However the Bureau of Meteorology believe that this the waters will peak at 5 meters.