An Irish postman who is known for his ability to predict the weather using ancient Irish methods is swearing that Ireland will have a white Christmas. Go ahead and laugh if you want to, but Michael Gallagher, 61, who lives in the Glenfin area of County Donegal, knows how to interpret nature and animal behavior to arrive at his forecast.

All the recent signs point to snow being on the way, Gallagher told the press last week and – lo, and behold – last night it began to snow all over Ireland.

“We are definitely on our way to a White Christmas,” Gallagher said, “I’m almost definite, about 90 percent sure.”

The postman learned his remarkable forecasting technique from older generations of the Irish who lived in the Blue Stack mountain region. It’s a skill that has almost completely vanished in the modern era, reminding us that our Irish ancestors had abilities that were completely in harmony with the rhythms of the natural world, including forecasting abilities that we should mourn the loss of.

“When the sun shines onto the Blue Stack Mountains, and down to the lowlands it’s turning a reddish-brown color, that’s a sign of snow,” said Gallagher, with unquestionable authority. “The sheep and cattle are going mad too, shaking themselves, coming in off the mountain and coming to the gate. And I noticed the other day the fox is getting very busy, looking for hens and howling at two in the morning. There’s a hunger in everything, they want to be fed because they know what is coming. These are “moving signs” that cold weather is approaching,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher has been a postman in Donegal for 42 years and has just completed his book on how to interpret traditional weather signs.

He said that all the signs were indicating a “tight and hard wintery snap” in the coming weeks, with the best chance of widespread snow on December 25.

“There are so many signs I can’t tell you. There was the late growth of grass in October, the haw bushes are laden with berries, that’s another sign too.”

A week later Irish meteorologists’ cautiously announced that they agreed with him. And last night it began to snow all over Ireland.