Irish Independent Ministers Mick Wallace and Clare Daly met with the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for two hours in the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Thursday, according to reports.

According to the Irish Times after the meeting Wallace, who represents Wexford, and Daly, who represents Dublin North, called on Irish-Australians to vote for Assange's newly-registered Wikileaks Party in the upcoming Australian Senate elections, due to take place next month.

According to Daly, the two Irish Independent ministers organized the meeting themselves and is unaware if Assange is meeting with other international legislators.

'We went in our roles are parliamentarians to discuss hugely important issues and to assist in every way that we can,' she said.

'Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have played a pivotal role in exposing the slaughter of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

'They have shone a light on the practices of undemocratic and unaccountable politicians, exposed corrupt bankers, and been instrumental in empowering ordinary people to make a stand and demand that society should be run in the interests of ordinary people in many different countries around the world.'

Daly added they will be studying information reportedly given to them by Assange over the next few weeks.

Speaking in the Irish parliament last month, Wallace mentioned Assange along with whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning saying they sought 'not to liberate land or people, but information.'

'The authorities have sought to criminalize them as spies. Their aim was neither to enrich themselves nor aid foreign powers but to make countries more transparent, knowledgeable, accountable and honorable,' he said.

'The western world has always prided itself on the idea that individuals can make a difference. Clearly, they do so at their peril.'

Assange has been confined to the Ecuadorean embassy since June 2012 when he was granted political asylum. He is currently wanted for questioning in Sweden over allegations of sexual assault.