An Irish politician wants golden oldies to curtail their nookie – after he called on the government to cut back on Viagra for old age pensioners.

Ireland’s Viagra bill is rising as medical card holders avail of the sex drug.

More over 75s than ever are getting their hands on Viagra and avail of an average four tablets a month free of charge courtesy of their health service.

Now Green Party councillor Brian Meaney has lived up to his name and demanded that the golden oldies cut down their Viagra intake.

The Clare politician made his case after the local council were told of the rising cost of Viagra for the medical card service sponsored by the Irish government.

Cllr Meaney told the Irish Sun newspaper, “The dosage of four tablets per month is on the generous side. There’s nothing to stop these public patients purchasing Viagra privately if that is their wish.

“With the Health Service Executive poised to make further cutbacks, I don’t think anyone could argue against a cut in the amount of Viagra dosages a patient receives each month.

“Health chiefs should halve the monthly dosage to save some cash.”