Irish police are expecting this weekend to break the record for the most people ever handcuffed at the same time.

The force has purchased imitation handcuffs in a bid to break the previous record of 562 which is held by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

750 handcuffs will be used by the force in an event which is due to take place in Bray this weekend.

Damien Meaney, one of the organizers, said: "They've been purchased. They're not official ones which are used by gardai, they're just imitation ones that look like the real thing. 562 is the record, so we're aiming at 600 plus. If we can get 600 plus people handcuffed together in Bray, then we've got a record and we'll be helping three charities as well."

Money raised from the record breaking line-up will be given to disability group Open Door, the Chernobyl Children's Project, and the Garda Siochana Bray Old Folks Community.

"The banter at the moment is who's going to be handcuffed to who. People are saying it'll be great to be handcuffed to you," said Mr Meaney. "All local gardai and any garda reserves will be participating. Basically, we're going to divide it into sections and as soon as everyone is in line the handcuffing will take place."

All participating gardai will be off-duty at the event, and will be doing it in their spare time.

One policeman explained how the gardai conceived of their attempt to try and break the previous record: "One guard had read about it [the world record] and was hoping to fundraise for the old folks Christmas party. We sat down and had a look through the world records, and we saw what could be done. It's not going to cost big money on the day.

"Anyone participating will be off-duty and giving up their time and coming together. It's a fantastic community event and everyone can get involved in it. It'll be a bit of craic."