Gardai (Irish police) have not had much luck locating the whereabouts of a dangerous criminal who escaped temporary release from prison eight months ago.

Jeffrey Finnegan, 30, is a convicted drug dealer and suspected killer.

It is believed that Finnegan murdered Donna Cleary, a mother of one.

Finnegan, who was released from prison on compassionate leave for the Christmas period, failed to return to Shelton Abbey prison in Co. Wicklow when his leave was up.

The murdered woman's father is outraged that Finnegan was granted temporary release from his five-year sentence.

"I couldn't understand how he was let out of Mountjoy and transferred to an open prison," said Mr Cleary.

"How could a serious prisoner like that be left into a low-security prison and then allowed out on temporary release? There is something radically wrong somewhere."

Finnegan was serving time for stealing a car in November 2005.

He has 47 previous convictions for offences including assault causing harm.

Since his expected return date police have not been able to locate Finnegan.

It is believed he may have gone abroad.


Gardai (Irish police) continue their manhunt