YouTube has deleted footage of two school girls fist fighting in a vicious brawl in Cork last Friday.

The Irish Examiner reports that one girl had her tooth knocked out during the pre-arranged fight in Ballyvolane.

It is understood a crowd of over 200 teenagers showed up to watch the fight which took place on waste ground behind Kinvara Estate in Ballyvolane, on the northside of Cork City, just after 5pm last Friday. The girls’ names as well as the fight details had been posted on Twitter hours before the fight.

The troubling footage was captured by an onlooker and two clips - one 17 seconds long and the other just over a minute long, were uploaded to YouTube, but have since been removed.

The footage showed the large crowd chanting as the girls viciously pulled each other’s hair and kicked and punched each other.

Residents expressed their shock to the newspaper.

“People began sending texts to neighbors saying ‘get your kids off the streets — there’s going to be a fight’,” said one unnamed woman.

Sinn Féin education spokesman Jonathan O’Brien, a TD for the area, said he was “shocked and appalled” by the footage.

“It was pre-arranged and it was vicious,” said Mr O’Brien. “It is one of the worst things of this kind that I’ve seen on YouTube. I don’t know how one of them wasn’t seriously injured.

“You can throw out all the political clichés you want about education and respect, but this goes beyond that — it’s a breakdown in society.”

This is the second fight involving teenage girls to have been uploaded to YouTube in recent months.

Last October a three minute clip of two teenage girls fighting in a Cork park was viewed 30,000 times before it was removed.