Irish police have launched an investigation after a Pakistani doctor made claims that he was racially abused at the night club.

Junior doctor Syed Kamran Haider Bukhari went public with his story last week when he revealed he was physically and verbally abused by a female and branded a n****r.

The 32-year-old was kicked and punched while he was out socializing with friends in his local nightclub last week. He revealed that the incident made him reconsider his future in Ireland.

Irish police have now launched an investigation into the doctor’s claims and they are working with the Garda Racial and Intercultural Office, reports the Evening Herald. It is understood that they are reviewing the CCTV footage of the alleged incident.

Speaking to the Herald, the doctor said he has received an incredibly positive response since his story first appeared in the Herald last week.
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"The reaction I have got from friends, colleagues and many people I do not know has been incredibly positive. I hope that going public with my experience will help other people to do so. If we don't talk about these things, we cannot move forward as a people." He added: "I have lodged a complaint with the gardai (police) and am hopeful that a good outcome can be reached."

Rosanna Flynn, of Residents Against Racism told the Evening Herald, the group have received a surge of reports in recent weeks.

"I would love to report that racism is not a major issue in this country but that would be a lie,” she said.

"As a country we need to focus on how we can stamp out the kind of thing that happened to Dr Bukhari as it is very saddening to hear that people as talented and educated as him are considering leaving the country because of the disgraceful actions of so few."

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