The Irish police force have put in place a major security operation ahead of the events surrounding the G8 summit.

Eight world leaders will travel to Northern Ireland for the summit next month, including US President Barack Obama, German chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

In Dublin, 400 specially trained riot police will be on standby for five days from Saturday, June 15, until the following Wednesday, according to the Evening Herald.

Sources told the newspaper that police officers will be based in Co. Sligo, due to its close proximity to the summit venue - the five-star Lough Erne Resort in Co Fermanagh.

"A robust plan is in place and gardai will be ready for any eventuality," a senior source explained.

"It is only across the lake really so there will be a massive presence of public order units in Co. Sligo in case there is any trouble on this side of the border,” a source told the newspaper.

"A lot of resources will also be put into Dublin for a five-day operation and specialist public order training of these gardai has been taking place for a number of weeks now.

"For those five days, the officers in Dublin will be based in the Phoenix Park and at other strategic locations across the capital in case there is any trouble.

"Gardai are of course always aware of the ongoing threat from dissident Republicans, but will also be monitoring a planned demonstration in Seville Place. Information has also come in that some of those groups that were involved in the May Day protests a number of years ago are also planning to protest again.”

Last week the PSNI said they expected dissident attacks in Northern Ireland during the G8 summit.

Assistant Chief Constable Alistair Finlay, from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), said such attacks are part of the "normal backdrop" of life in the region.

Finlay said: "I've got no reason to say that dissidents won't do something during that period of time.

"This is the normal backdrop. This has been the backdrop, the sad reality of Northern Ireland over quite a period of time."

Leaders including David Cameron, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, take at the G8 Summit in 2012AP