The Irish Police service began a limited form of strike Monday.
Although they are legally obliged not to strike, the force is effectively following a union policy of work-to-rule.
The Garda Representative Association (GRA) has called on its members to no longer use personal equipment such as mobile phones and laptops.
The GRA are calling the action "a withdrawal of goodwill." The Irish police use personal equipment such as mobile phones and laptops because they are already ill equipped.
All-important communications between police members are delivered over the phone as criminals can easily intercept the two-way radio system they use.
However police members will still use their own cars for duty as they are paid a special allowance for doing so.
The limited strike by the Irish police is in response to wage cuts in the last budget.
The Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern said that the police have a "proud tradition" and he doubts that the police will degrade their service.


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