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A photographer with a local newspaper the County Down Outlook was sacked following the hateful comments she made about Michaela Harte on her Facebook page.
Susanne Morrison said on her Facebook page that Michaela’s murder in Mauritius was “karma” and said “what goes around comes around”. Her bosses were prompted to sack her after international outrage over the comments erupted.
She also wrote “Soldiers don't get as much coverage as she has and they are risking their lives to protect us! Its about time this country got its priorities right!!!”
The police are now investigating her disturbing comments. Morrison (19), from Rathfriland, Down, could be charged with a hate crime.
On her Facebook page she said she was “sick of hearing about Makeala [sic] Harte's death”. All of her comments on the matter were removed from the networking site when they became public knowledge.
Her former employee, Co Down Outlook editor Joanne Ross, released a statement. He wrote “We remain appalled by the comments made on Facebook…We can confirm that the individual, whose personal Facebook page contained the comments, is no longer employed by the County Down Outlook or any associated company."
Michaela Harte and her husband John McAreavey, who had only been married 12 days before Michaela was murdered, had planned to settle in their new home in the Laurencetown area, where Morrison’s former newspaper is circulated.

Read more: Tragic Michaela Harte buried in her wedding dress - PHOTOS

Michaela, the daughter of Tyrone GAA manager Mickey Harte was murdered in her hotel roomRTE