SEE PHOTOS: Spectacular photography of Ireland by Damien Stenson - slideshow

Irish photographer Damien Stenson once again captured a stunning shot of Ireland this week, with his latest photo of the International Space Station over Lough Talt in Co. Sligo.

Stenson is known for his skill of capturing spectacular nighttime landscapes in Ireland. Last October, he snapped a dazzling shot of the Cliffs of Moher, taken at night with the Milky Way resplendent in the night sky.

Writing on his Facebook page. Stenson explained how he captured his latest photo.

“Here is a picture of the International Space Station fresh from the memory card. Just home from a night of photography with my dad. This picture was taken two hours ago in south county Sligo.

“Had planned earlier today to grab this shot as I had calculated that the International space station would fly right over this scene. Luckily the weather stayed clear. Most of the light on the foreground is natural lights of cars passing buy and a local yard of a house, which is well illuminated

“I used a very little amount of light painting to brighten up the boat. Happy also to report that this photograph didn't involve any surprise visits from the Garda Síochána (Police).

"The last night I was out, someone seen some suspicious activity (my 1600 lumen torch which looks like an airport runway) and called the Gardaí. Anyways, two squad cars came out to see what I was up too.

“Luckily I evaded the law tonight. Hope you like it, thanks for looking and feel free to share.”

Check out Damien Stenson’s photography Facebook page here.

The International Space Station fresh at Lough Talt Co. SligoDamien Stenson