In the largest poll every conducted on the topic 95 percent of the Irish public voted to stop and stop now the $28.5 billion bailout of Anglo Irish Bank.

Over 25,000 people took part in the text-in poll in association with the Sunday Independent. Of the 25,000, 24,017 said that they wanted the controversial bailout to be stopped immediately. Only 1,463 voted that the State should continue to support them.

In January 2009 Anglo Irish Bank was nationalized. It is now referred to as a “failed” bank by Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan and Central Bank Governor, Patrick Honohan.

In a recent international survey Anglo Irish Bank was voted the worst bank in the world, having made a loss of over $18 billion in just one year.

It is hoped that this poll will force Brian Lenihan to acknowledge the public’s desire to stop all bailout payments to the bank.

An editorial in the Sunday Independent pointed out the large sums of money that each member of the State would be contributing to the Anglo Irish Bank bailout. They state that $28.5 billion would come down to $6,500 per person.

The editorial said “This will mean that the State will have around €20,000 less to spend on the average family, robbing a generation of the chance to attend decent schools, or be treated in modern hospitals.”