Irish parents are being warned about the latest craze where high school students are uploading images of themselves kissing each other onto the Internet.

Third level students started the trend called 'shifting’ pages, which has now been picked up by school-goers

Students take pictures of their peers kissing and them upload them to Facebook before other users name and shame those involved.

One Facebook page set up by students from a County Longford high school has received almost 300 ‘likes’.

The National Parents Council has now called on Facebook to impose stricter privacy measures following images of young people being intimate.

They criticized the practice and called for "uploading and tagging process to be more strictly controlled".

"What we're seeing here is an invasion of young peoples' privacy. People are inadvertently having pictures taken of them and uploaded on the Internet which can be quite embarrassing," according to spokesperson Jackie Callaghan told the Evening Herald.

"There is a risk of this spiralling out of control. It is a dangerous and unwelcome practice on a lot of levels," she added.

At least seven third level colleges have “shifting” pages. With University College Cork’ Shifting Page having more nearly 1,400 likes.

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