An Irish man and some colleagues who were masquerading as professional painters in Australia have allegedly scammed a woman in South Penrith, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

According to the Herald Sun, Felix Moorehouse, who also uses the alias Felix Walsh, and his crew did a fast one on this lady in September 2011. Moorehouse also has some US $36,500 dollars worth of fines to pay, but he took off without honoring them.

The 34-year-old canvassed the woman to do the job and would not take no for an answer, repeatedly lowering his price for painting the roof of her house and even claiming that without the job he would be unable to put food on the table for his family.

The house owner eventually relented after he offered extra incentives like the painting of the garage for free.

Just under a week later, the man and his workers turned up and started to “work.”  This work allegedly consisted of stealing bottles of beer from the woman’s fridge and slopping paint around her premises.

The house owner had the job appraised and the work did not get a good grade, and it turns out that Moorehouse, who cut and run out of Australia in November 2011, was not meant to be working under the terms of his visa and that he was licensed to do so in any case.

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