The County Cavan nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady has been indicted on a first degree murder charge, and the assault and battery of the one-year-old baby, Rehma Sabir, after medical examiner’s report shows details of child’s severe injuries.

McCarthy Brady (34) will be arraigned on the new charge of murder at a later date in Middlesex Superior Court. The nanny was so far been held for the assault and battery of the child but following a medical examiner’s report a grand jury made the decision to up the charges to first degree murder.

The prosecution, led by District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr.’s office, released a statement on Friday.

It read “The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy and ruled that the cause of death is blunt force head injuries, and the manner of death is homicide and not accidental.’’

The investigators have also concluded that McCarthy Brady was alone when the fatal injuries took place. They stated “It is alleged that on January 14, the child was in the care of the defendant, her nanny.

“Through their investigation, including interviews with witnesses, police concluded that the defendant had sole custody of and contact with the child during the time that the child sustained the abusive head trauma injuries that caused her death.’’

On January 14 McCarthy Brady was also caring for a second infant as part of a nanny share entered into by Baby Sabir’s parents, Sameer Sabir and Nada Siddiqui. The second child was dropped off at around 12.20pm / 12.30pm. The second child was unharmed.

According to court records the police alleged that the fatal blows to Baby Sabir took place between 1.30 and 4.30pm, when McCarthy Brandy contacted the child’s parents to tell them the she was unresponsive.

Baby Sabir died at the Boston Children’s Hospital on January 16 this year, her first birthday.

Prosecutors told the court on Friday, public safety personnel responded to Ash Street in Cambridge on January 14 after the child was found unresponsive, reports.

The baby presented with serious head trauma at the hospital. Upon examination the doctors also found evidence of previous fractures. The Irish nanny was arrested when blood was found in the child’s Cambridge home nursery.

On January 22, McCarthy Brady pleaded not guilty to the charge of assault and battery. She has been held since on $500,000 bail.

Her lawyer, Melinda Thompson, has repeatedly maintained her innocence. She was unavailable for comment. 

McCarthy Brady had 15 years experience working as a nanny. She had been working with the Sabir family for six months.

Originally from Lavey, in County Cavan, McCarthy Brady had been living in Quincy, Boston, since 2002. She was living and working undocumented in the United States having overstayed her 90-day visa waiver. She now faces deportations from the United States when she is released from state custody, according to the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

A date for her arraignment has not been announced.