The dreaded cloak of uncertainty still looms over the tragic death of one-year-old Rehma Sabir that occurred in Boston two weeks ago. The case seemed black and white and all but done and dusted, on January 22nd, when Cavan-born nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady was arrested on charges of assault and battery.

However, new evidence brought to light by her tenacious defense attorney, Melinda Thompson, has introduced fresh debate on the subject in the past week.

The finger of blame has now shifted on some people’s hands and undocumented Irish nannies in New York are no different as they wait for answers.

Sandra T, living and working on the Lower West Side of Manhattan, remains defiant in her stance that McCarthy Brady is guilty.

“I don’t think there can be any sides to take here. It’s the death of a child. What side can you take? That child was in her care and next thing she’s dying in a hospital with head injuries.”

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“She was responsible. You should know how your kids are doing. Fine in the in the evening, so something happened in between and she was the only one who was there. Guilty.”

Tara K, looking after three children in Astoria, Queens, concurs with this and cites McCarthy Brady’s past misdemeanors as evidence of her guilt.

“Well she had a violent past, didn’t she? She attacked her ex boyfriend and her roommate and made threats to other people and had restraining orders against her. So yeah I think she did it. I think the baby was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and in the care of a violent and mad woman. There’s no smoke without fire.”

Anne D, also working in Queens, said more investigations should be carried out as the case is not as clear cut as it initially seemed.

“I’d love to know where that poor thing’s other injuries came from. She had broken bones and bruises so it looks like it wasn’t just one thing or one time that did the may have been a few’s just finding out who is guilty..if it is the Irish woman.

“I don’t think it was an accident anyway but I don’t like the way the Irish woman was just thrown to the lions like that just because of the position she was in. They should have taken more time. Now her face is everywhere and she is going to get deported no matter what.”

Jane C, caring for a baby in Park Slope, Brooklyn, also displays hesitancy in blaming McCarthy Brady just yet and she states that there are a few anomalies to iron out first.

“I read somewhere that the child was travelling a lot in the last few months and had malnutrition or was malnourished. She could have also had brittle bones or something and that is why she was in a bad way when they found her so the nanny might not have meant to do what she did even if it was her. It could have been an accident or not her. I don’t know.”

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“I do have sympathy for her especially if it turns out not to be her. We should just wait a while I think.”

Noah R, working in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, disagrees with this and maintains that it is obvious the 34-year-old nanny is guilty.

“If a baby is in your care like that and it has a load of broken bones and injuries a few weeks old, you would would definitely notice, especially the fact that she was in the business for over ten years which means she’s looking after kids longer than the parents. She was more experienced so she should have noticed. Then how did the baby just get a massive injury that day?

“Something was going on and it had to be her. It had to be. I think her lawyers are just looking for a way out by saying all the other stuff.”

A nanny in Central ParkBy Pilar Azaña Pilar A