A single Irish mother who tried to sell her Georgian mansion on YouTube may now lose her home which was once valued at €1.6million.

A divorced mom of two, Jillian Godsil, made a video of her eight bedroom Wicklow home, which is known as Raheengraney House, in a bid to attract buyers.

Godsil, 48, is in massive negative equity and has not been able to live in her home for years. She purchased the large home in the later 1990s and paid £100,000 for the spacious property, with a view to running a guesthouse with her ex-husband. She then spent €400,000 on a massive renovation of the building.

"I am now 48 years old with two children and no security," she said. "If I am sick in the morning, I don't have a house to fall back on."

Despite receiving a sizeable offer over two years ago, the mortgage lender refused to accept it.

"Two years ago the bank refused to take a cash offer of €500,000, because it didn't equal the mortgage," she told the Evening Herald.

"Towards the end of last year I stopped paying the mortgage. I couldn't afford it any more. I have since received notice of repossession orders.

"I have tried to drop the house price again and have had 50 different people looking at it," she added.

"We recently received an offer of €205,000, but it wasn't enough."

She told the newspaper that she is at the center of a "perfect storm" after she reached the end of negotiations with her bank.

Godsil has written a book about her experiences, Does My Debt Look Big In This?