A distraught Irish mother has pleaded for anyone with information about her missing daughter in Melbourne, Australia to come forward with information.

“Jillian, Jillian, Jillian please come home, come home,”  her distraught mother Edith McKeon pleaded before breaking down.

Jill Meagher, a native of Drogheda, County Louth, who moved to Australia three years ago, disappeared on her way home from a local pub in a Melbourne suburb.

Police yesterday found her handbag and reported that her mobile phone was missing. They said they had not ruled out that the handbag had been planted

They have also searched the home where she lived with her husband Tom who first reported her missing after she failed to come home from a night at the pub.

Meanwhile, a Facebook site for the missing woman has had several letters from women who stated that they had been followed and in one case had almost been abducted outside or near the pub in question.

Detective Inspector John Potter stated that a number of women had been followed by a vehicle in the suburb of Brunswick where the 29-year-old ABC radio producer lived.

Her handbag was found nearby the route that she took to go home.

''Her mobile phone is definitely missing,'' Inspector Potter told ABC 774, where Jill worked as a member of the Local Radio Victoria team.

''We weren't sure what the status of that was yesterday as a consequence of finding the handbag. The mobile phone was not in the handbag so obviously we will be putting out some information with regard to that type of phone.''

In separate posts on Facebook, two women said they had felt threatened by a car following them. 

''There has been quite a lot of dialogue, if you like, on the Facebook page set up to find Jillian and in particular women have been reporting possible or attempted or actual assaults in the area, so we will be looking at that as well,'' he said.

''We would encourage people, if they have information that they think is pertinent, to ring Crime Stoppers. By all means use the Facebook page, but Crime Stoppers in the focus for us.''

Meagher left the pub called Bar Etiquette for the short walk home after a night out with workmates. When she didn’t arrive her husband sounded the alarm.

Here’s Jill’s mother’s plea: