A 27-year-old Irish mother is in a coma in a U.S. hospital following a serious car crash in Kansas.

Nicole Ryan-Graham, originally from Limerick city, is on a life support machine in Kansas after the car she was traveling in crashed into a wall in treacherous weather conditions on February 8.

Ryan-Graham has been living in America for the last 13 years. She was let go from her clerical job last Christmas and has no medical insurance.

The woman’s family has traveled from Ireland to be at her bedside.

"She used to work as a court clerk in Kansas, but became unemployed at Christmas, and has since been left with no insurance. She has three young girls. While she has been living in the U.S. for 13 years, she is still not a full citizen,” said her aunt,
Mary Stundon.

"They are weaning her off the ventilator, but she is still in a coma. Hopefully, she'll be ok – we are all praying for that. She will be in hospital for some time yet, and the treatment bills are going to be huge."

Nicole is a single mother with 3 children, Kendra (11), Katie (5) and 20-month-old Kelsey.

Her children "know she is in hospital and asleep but are asking questions. They want to be with their mother," added Stundon.

"Nicole will have to go through a lot of rehabilitation."

Nicole and her family will not be able to pay the huge hospital bills by themselves.

The people of Limerick City are currently trying to raise money for the single mother of three children. A benefit night in Ireland has been organized for March 12.