An Irish woman has given birth to her 11th baby on the same day as her 11th wedding anniversary.

Edel Maher and husband Paul  welcomed their daughter Sadhbh Bernie into the world on Thursday, eleven years after they celebrated their marriage.

Proud dad Paul told the Evening Herald he never imagined on his wedding day in 2000, that his wife would give birth to their eleventh child.

"I never thought about it," he laughed. "I gave Edel her anniversary present on Wednesday evening because I thought she wouldn't be around for the date.

"Eleven years married and the 11th child born on the day," he said. "I think it's a good omen."

Their eldest son is Eoin (12), then Cian (9); Darragh (8); Cathal (7); Conor (5), twins Odhran and Oisin (4), Fiona (3); Aisling (2) and Cillian (1).



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The Mahers were delighted about their birth of their daughter, Sadhbh, who is second girl in the family of eleven.

"We never thought we were going to get a second girl," Paul said. "Edel always loved the names Aisling and Sadbh. The name Bernie meant something to Edel.

"Unfortunately her aunt died two days ago -- her name was Bernie,” Paul told the Herald "So it had a special significance to us."

The family who live in Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan said the latest addition to the clan is settling in well.

"She's a great sleeper -- we've had one or two criers so we're delighted," he said.

"And once you have one, it can set the others off."