The Irish Mexican Alliance will host an event in El Paso, TX on April 28 to raise funds for the Amor por Juarez organization.

The event will showcase art, music and poetry by people of both Irish and Mexican heritage, with a huge selection of Irish and Mexican beers also on hand to ensure patrons enjoy the best of both worlds.

Artists scheduled to appear include David Flores, Aron Venegas, INOPE and Arturo Damasco. Some of the musicians playing include singer Ashley Davis, Kiko Rodriguez y su Banda and San Patricios. Poets reading throughout the evening include Bobby Byrd, Jimmy Santiago Bacca and Valentin Sandoval, who is also a co-producer of the event.

“There is nothing quite like the Irish Mexican Alliance,” said T.J. English, founder of the initiative. “We believe there is a spiritual connection between Mexican and Irish people that can be harnessed as a powerful force.

“In this case, along with staging one of the best concert events to hit El Paso in some time, we will raise money for organizations dealing with the ongoing emotional and human carnage of the narco war.”

The Irish Mexican Alliance honors the spirit of the San Patricio Brigade, a group of mostly Irish-Americans who fought on the Mexican side in the US-Mexico war of 1845-48.

Amor por Juarez, which translates to “love for Juarez”, seeks to raise awareness of the violence in the city of Juarez which is caused by the drug war, and the effect it has on the city’s youth.

The Irish-Mexican Alliance event will take place at the San Carlos Building, 501 Texas Ave., El Paso, TX. Admission is $12 for the evening. To learn more about Amor por Juarez, visit