Irish mentalist Keith Barry has launched his US TV career with the Discovery Channel. His program “Deception with Keith Barry” tackles mentalism and psychological illusions such as reading people, implanting thoughts, predicting behavior and hacking into the subconscious.

Not only does Barry do all of this but he also shows the audience how.

Barry has shown his audiences in Las Vegas these tricks but they are rarely applied to real world situations. This raises  the question could they be used in your career, in relationships or perhaps your finances? In the show Barry chooses a variety of scenarios ranging from the extreme to normal everyday scenes, such as the car showroom. The series essentially looks at what would happen if we could read minds.

The first episode is called “Black Ops”. Barry takes a look at the Cold War when the CIA spent millions studying mind control in order to defeat Soviet spies. In a series of mind experiments he attempts mass hypnosis, programs ordinary people to be spies and even creates a sleeper agent.

Barry is mining the mysteries of the mind he has first-hand experience to show just what the mind can do. In his on stage show “Asylum” Barry explained that in 2007 he was in a serious car accident and his two legs were very badly damaged. He was cut from the car and at the time was happy he did not lose his legs.

Months afterwards when he was told he would never walk properly again. Barry decided to use the power of his mind to fix his legs and focused  intensely on healing and visualising himself walking without a limp. It worked. Today he walks with no hint of an injury.

In 2008 Barry gave a lecture for TED: Ideas worth spreading. His profile describes him as “a technologist, an elite software engineer of the human brain” and it is those techniques that it seems he will display in his upcoming series.

Back in 2010 Barry won the awards of “Best Magician in Las Vegas 2009” and “Mentalist of the Year”. Currently he is preparing for his brand new stage show “8 Deadly Sins” which he will launch in Dublin this July.

His Discovery Channel show “Deception with Keith Barry” will air every Wednesday from June 1st at 10pm.

Keith Barry