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Top Irish television broadcaster Síle Seoige, who tweeted jokingly that she “came” at a Kylie Minogue concert in Dublin last Wednesday, has denied that the remark was a publicity stunt.
"I may regret this tweet, but I think I just came at the Kylie gig. Seriously. That good,” she tweeted.
The 31-year-old, who hosts a show on Newstalk every Saturday, became an overnight online sensation after making the comment, but she says she had no ideas her comments would create such a frenzy.

"It was a bit bold, yes," she told the Independent, "but it was all tongue-in-cheek.
"It certainly wasn't a publicity stunt. I had no inkling of the reaction it would stir up."
Síle said that she had no regrets.
"It was a joke. I was enjoying a fantastic night at the Kylie Minogue concert. What I said was a bit of fun, that's all, I meant no harm.
"It was a fantastic spectacle with a load of male and female dancers and at one point they're up at a great height swinging from ropes, it was spectacular."
She added: "It's a bit surreal that when a girl makes a funny remark in the middle of an economic crisis it becomes front-page news."
Kylie Minogue contacted Sile through her management company to say she was glad the presenter enjoyed her her O2 performance.

Read more: Kylie Minogue upstaged by 13-year-old in Dublin

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