Kieran Tynan, a 22 year old Roscommon native who emigrated to Australia just last month to find work, has died in a farm fire in Perth.

The Irish Independent reports that a gas bottle explosion is to blame for the blaze at Mackie Hay Plant early on Saturday. Tynan was believed to be in the kitchenette of the accommodation that was provided for him and 20 other workers when the roof collapsed due to the blaze.
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Tynan had emigrated to Australia to find work and join some of his friends. He had began work as a farm hand for the hay-cutting season at the Mackie Hay Plant, and was excited about his recent car purchase.

Tynan’s parents, Martin and Margaret, will reportedly be travelling to New Norcia, the scene of the terrible accident. Kieran leaves behind three younger siblings.

"He was certainly well liked by his work colleagues and his employer," Sergeant Ben Tomasini, a member of the local police in New Norcia. "The owners are very distressed and upset and their hearts have gone out to the man's family."