Irish man collects $7.8m in mega British lottery win

Derry man Seamus Duffy, 49, has scooped £4.6m ($7.8m) in the British National Lottery jackpot.

Duffy, who was forced to quit his job last year because of disability said he is absolutely thrilled.

Duffy had to leave his job as a digger driver last year after developing arthritis in his back.

“It’s been a tough time and a lot of people stood by me during that tough time and now I’ll be able to stand by them. My fiancee, Carmel Rogers from Derry, my parents Eugene and Mattie and all of my friends who stood by me during those times, now I can do something for them," he said.

“My mother and father celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last month and tomorrow is my mother’s 68th birthday. My father’s health is not good at the moment and it’s just great to have them here today for this."