Christy Kinahan and his two sons will be held in custody in Spain while police investigate their $1.22 billion crime organization.

“The court in Estepona has taken statements from 18 people in relation to the operation against the Irish mafia. All of them are formally suspected of money-laundering, drug trafficking and falsifying documents,” read a statement from the court.

The 18 people interviewed by Judge Maria Carmen Gutierrez Henares have become formal suspects in the investigation.

Kinahan (53) and his two sons, Daniel and Christopher Jnr, have been remanded in custody after appearing last Saturday. “The Irish Mafia” Kinahan family could be implicated in crimes in 20 countries, including gangland murder, money laundering and cocaine.

None of the Kinahan family was granted bail.  

John Cunnigham (58), Kinahan’s right-hand man, has been released on bail but is barred from leaving Spain.

Cunningham along with eight others who were releases have been ordered to reappear in court on the first and 15th of each month.

Two other alleged members of the gang were also jailed but will be released on bail if they are each able to deposit a $73,300 bail bond.

Suspects ordinarily can be held for up to two years but this period is lengthened for more serious offenses.