Two associates of Christy Kinahan, head of the “Irish Mafia”, have international arrest warrants on their head.

‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson and Gary Hutch are believe to be laying low in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Two weeks ago Christy Kinahan and his two sons, Daniel and Christopher were arrested in their mansion in Costa del Sol, the headquarters of the multi-million drug empire.

They are being detained in jail while their international crime syndicate is being investigated. This could take up to two years.

The two Dublin criminals the police are now searching the globe for were named in a list of people the Spanish judges wished to speak to in relation to Kinahan’s case. When the pair are arrested they will be extradited to Spain.

Gary Hutch, is a nephew of Dublin crime boss Gary “The Monk” Hutch. He survived a gun attack in Spain two years ago.

Kinahan’s right hand man, John Cunnigham is also being sought after by the Spanish courts. The Dublin based criminal failed to show up at the Spanish court last week. As of yet no warrant has been issued.

It is believed that that “Irish Mafia” has a $ 238.5 million trail of assests which are stretched across four continents from Ireland and Britain to Spain, Belgium, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai and Cyprus.


Suspect being arrested in Spain with relation to the 'Irish Mafia'