An Irish-run pub in London has been accused of promoting “racist propaganda” for displaying a “slave auction” poster on its walls.

The Stewart Arms in Notting Hill faced serious backlash from Facebook users who called for a boycott over the vintage print.

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The “slave auction” notice from July 1820 lists the name of five African-American individuals from a “local plantation” and their skills. It lists another eight individuals “to be let” as “house servants” and “laborers.”

After a picture of the advertisement was uploaded to Twitter, social media users took to the Stewart Arms Facebook page with angry reviews.

@TheRealElsyCox please explain why this is hanging so proudly in your pub, The Stewart Arms
We should not be reminiscing about slavery in 2018 in multicultural London. Let’s have frank conversations about its impact and it’s existence today #Libya without being so trivial. Smh

— Olaoncé (@OlaAwosika) January 7, 2018

The pub has been accused of “glamorizing the kidnapping, torture, rape and violation of human rights of millions of people” and “inciting racial hatred.”

John Connelly, 55, the manager of the pub, has removed the poster but hit back at “keyboard warriors” calling for the boycott.

Connelly only began working at the bar recently but said the poster had been on display for 20 years.

“It’s an old print of years gone by and nobody’s ever taken offense to it before but it has now been removed,” he told MailOnline.

“It’s one of these things that nobody ever thought would upset anyone.

“When pubs go through a refurbishment bric-a-brac tends to be put on the walls – a lot of it relating to certain historical times.

“It was put up God knows when and regular customers have definitely not taken offense to it in the past. It has been removed and it will not go up again.

“It’s a very favorable pub and we’ve got a very mixed clientele. It was one person who complained – a chap and his girl who I didn’t recognize who came in on Friday night.

“The poster was on the wall by the pool table and they obviously took umbrage to it. They made a comment to one of the staff and walked out because of it.

The "slave auction" poster in The Stewart Arms. Credit: Twitter

The "slave auction" poster in The Stewart Arms. Credit: Twitter

“It has been removed and we had no intention of upsetting anyone. It’s been there for so long. It came down the following morning straight away.

“When you’re in a pub sometimes you don’t notice what memorabilia is on the wall because it’s quite big”.

He added: “I’ve only been here for two months, the people who own this building have had the lease for ten years.

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“Pubs in the city have stuff like that on the walls and no one says anything. We’re either going to put something else up or leave it blank.

“No one had mentioned it before, it’s just keyboard warriors and it’s completely over the top.

“Technology is great but it’s got way out of hand, way beyond anything.”

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