The fleet footed 50-year-old Michael Flatley, who revolutionized Irish dancing in the 90s with Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, has rediscovered his mojo and will lead his dance troupe again.

This fall, the Chicagoan plans to strap on his dancing shoes for the first time in five years on European soil when The Lord of the Dance kicks off a 22-date European tour on October 30 in Sheffield.  The show arrives in Dublin on November 13, with an extra date added on November 14 due to phenomenal demand.

"I was in Cairo about 18 months ago -- my wife and I went to see Lord of the Dance there. We were sitting in the Royal box and, at the end of the show, they got five standing ovations and I found myself standing up and running, screaming and acting like a little kid again," Flatley told the Irish independent.

"I looked at my wife, she looked at me, and I think we both just knew that I'd dance again. As soon as I saw that buzz -- it was remarkable. I have never found it with any other show in the world.”

In the revealing interview, Flatley also outlined a key motivation for his decision to return to the stage and how the shows in Dublin are something he will cherish.

"I am going to dance my heart out -- my little son [Michael Jr.] is going to be in the audience. It is a remarkable feeling coming home to Ireland with this show after all these years with it still at No 1. I feel truly blessed."

The Irish dancing legend had a moment of clarity on the Asian tour that made him come to this decision.

"After Cairo, we got a call from the Chinese about me performing a show in Taiwan and we sold out five arenas and three football stadia there (with Feet of Flames). I came off stage after the first night and I looked at all the other dancers and said: 'This is not the end of this. We are going to do this some more,'" said Flatley.

"I don't think I realized until that moment just how much I missed it all."

For all the adoring fans fearful on and Elvis-in-Vegas-in-the-70s-type tour, Flatley had this to say:

"Fifty is the new 30 -- that is the way I look at it. Right now, today, I am fit and ready. I fit into my costumes from 1997, some of which I will be wearing again on stage. I cannot wait to do this.”

The multi-millionaire also promised that the Lord of the Dance show would remain true to its roots.

"People can rest assured that it is the classic Lord of the Dance show. We have brought in some new stuff, updated some parts and given some of it an exciting new look."