The Irish prime minister's 'state of the nation' address will air Sunday night, it has been confirmed.

Enda Kenny will make a 10-15 minute address following RTE's 'Nine O'Clock News,' reports the Irish Independent.

The prime minister announced his plans to make the speech at a Fine Gael parliamentary party last month. The content of the speech is unknown, but it is believed that we hill focus on next week's Budget and the eurozone crisis.



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"There was a commitment given by the Taoiseach to communicate directly with the people -- we're following up on that," said Kenny's spokesman.

The speech will not be live but will be recorded "as live," so it will not be edited before the broadcast. It will air again Monday morning on TV3.

It is the first such address from a Taoiseach in decades. The last 'state of the nation' speech was in April 1986 when Garet FitzGerald addressed the nation on a teacher's strike.