Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny got more than he bargained for when he made a surprise call-in to  the Adrian Flannelly radio show  in New York to extend 2012 New Year Greetings to the Irish American Community.

Executive Producer Aine Sheridan,with vast experience in dealing with imposters, politely declined to accept the call believing she was being pranked.

She essentially hung up on the Irish leader.


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The Prime Minister called back and was vetted extensively again by Sheridan who asked for his private cell number which he gave her.

Still hesitant, she took his private cell number and called back warning him that this better not be a prank.

Then she reluctantly put  his call through to Flannelly on the air. Both men are Mayo natives.

Flannelly’s program has been on the air since 1970 and is the premier Irish radio program in the United States.

The two men chatted for  the duration of the program and Kenny expressed his desire for a better year for Ireland and Irish America in 2012.