Two men are standing trial in Scotland for the racially charged aggravated murder of 57-year-old Donegal man, William McKeeney, earlier this year.

Asif Rehman (20) and Adel Ishaq (19) are accused of kicking, punching, and stamping on McKeeney in front of his partner Annemarie (48), just meters away from his home in Pollokshields, Glasgow. McKeeney died from his injuries at the Victoria Infirmary on 15th January 2012.

McKeeney, a laborer and former lorry driver, was originally from Malin Head, County Donegal.

It is believed that McKeeney had been standing outside and was asked by the accused for a cigarette. They attacked him when McKeeney refused. Annemarie had not realized that he had been attacked until she came outside and found him.

At the time of the attack Chief Inspector Stephen McAllister, of Strathclyde Police, told the Donegal Daily newspaper that she was “completely traumatized”.

He added, “The fact she found him makes it even more horrendous.”

Detective Chief Inspector David Gailey said: “Mr McKeeney suffered massive injuries to his head and body in what can only be described as a brutal and sustained attack.”

The accused, Rehman and Ishaq, are being held at Polmont Young Offenders Institution. They both deny that their attack was racially charged and deny that they showed malicious intent prior to the attack.

According to Scottish TV reports, Rehman was on bail at the time of the attack. Rehman also denied attempting to divert justice by returning to the scene of the crime in different clothes. He also denies being in possession of the cannabis and diazepam.

Ishaq also denies attempting to divert the course of justice by giving his clothing and shoes to Umar Bhatti who allegedly burnt them. He also denies trying to persuade Bashir Ahmed to give him $800 so he could flee the city.

The 19-year-old Ishaq also denies behaving in a threatening and abusive nature towards other bystanders including Ian Little, in Kenmuir Street, the day before the attack. He also denies the drugs charges.

Their case is expected to last two weeks.

Here’s the original Scottish TV report on his death: