Irish ISIS bride Lisa Smith says she wants to live in a caliphate as she seeks to return to Ireland with her daughter.

A Dundalk native, Smith, 38, worked in the Irish Defence Forces before converting to Islam and joining ISIS in 2015, reports. She left for Syria three years ago.

In an interview with the BBC, Smith, who is currently being held at the Al Hawl refugee camp on the Syrian border with Iraq, claims she is not a terrorist and has denied ever picking up a gun on behalf of ISIS.

“Even if I wanted to fight, tried to fight, they would not let me,” she said.

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She said she could not say if those responsible for barbaric acts in the terror group should be punished for their actions.

“I can’t answer that because I don’t know,” she said.

“And I don’t know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying… I have to see the sides of the two stories.

“I actually have to hear the truth on both sides and then I can make a decision, you know?”

Smith, who hopes to return to Ireland with her two-year-old daughter, said it was her desire to live in a caliphate again.

“I want for myself an actual caliphate,” she said. “Like as in a Muslim country. Not like a group, or a brutality group.”

She added: “I’m not like a terrorist, I’m not out to kill anyone…”

“If you ask me am I going to hurt anyone? No. Have I any intentions to do anything? No. I’m just interested in trying to bring my daughter up and get her educated.”

Ireland’s Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty has called for Smith and her daughter to be brought back to Ireland, reports.

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Doherty said the State needed to give Smith consular assistance.

“She is a young woman with a very small baby and I think she should be brought back home. There are concerns from some people that she may pose a security risk, but surely we can do a security assessment and deal with that.”

In March, Taiseach Leo Varadkar said a "security assessment" would be carried out to make sure Smith is "not a threat to life and limb here in Ireland" if she returns. He recently indicated that Smith could face criminal charges if she repatriated home to Ireland.