News that BBC star, D.J, and TV personality Sir Jimmy Savile may have abused as many as 300 children when alive, has shocked Britain.

An Irish interview on Ulster Television from 2006 where Savile was asked about rumors of  pedophile activity has also surfaced.

The interview by Gerry Kelly on the” Kelly Live” program has now  been seized on as evidence that there were deep suspicions about Savile when he was alive. He died last year.

Savile was asked on Ulster Television about “rumors about the eccentric, tracksuit-wearing, cigar-smoking personality” that “had long been tabloid fodder.”

“I think all children should be eaten at birth,” Savile declared when asked whether he ever wanted children of his own.

Asked about children, Saville said “I never loved them at all. I respected them and they respected me."

“They knew that I wasn’t some yucky adult that’d say: ‘My my, don’t you look smart today?’ I don’t talk like that to kids.”

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Asked about rumors in tabloid newspapers, he replied: “Any tabloid journalist will tell you two things.

ne: I’m very boring. Two: I don’t do drugs, I don’t do underage sex or any of them things that you read in the papers today.”

He said: “I don’t have an Internet, I don’t have a computer, I don’t know what an e-mail is. I don’t know anything about that world.”

Talking about  the rumors, he said: “Hey, all you can expect from a pig is a grunt. That’s it. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.”

Kelly said Savile was very convincing, “We didn’t go away thinking he lied through his teeth from start to finish. We took him at his word as everybody was at the time, we had no reason other than what was written on the Internet to disbelieve him.”

“I was sitting to him, as close as I am to you, face-to-face and he was saying he didn’t do these things. I could hardly call him a liar, could I?”

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