Suspected child pornography content first reported in Ireland resulted in arrests in both the U.S. and Bulgaria according to a new report.

A report to in 2008 led to the arrest and sentencing of a Californian man last year. Meanwhile a school teacher in Bulgaria was arrested by police for the possession and distribution of child pornography after a report was submitted to the Irish help line.’s annual report also showed a significant drop in illegal content regarding online child pornography last year.

The findings showed that out of 2,646 reports concerning illegal content made by the public in 2010, 183 contained images of child abuse. The figure has dropped from 718 cases in 2007 to 275 cases in 2009.

Two of the suspected cases were passed on to Irish police for further investigation as the content was hosted in Ireland. welcomes the decline and noted that fewer Internet users were finding such explicit content online.

Speaking at the publication of help line’s annual report, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter welcoming the decline in reports but warened there was no room for complacency.

"All of us who are concerned with protecting our society, and particularly our children and young people from illegal and harmful use of the Internet must be ever vigilant and ready to take necessary action," he said.


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