Irish TV host Pat Kenny came under fire on his new TV show this week - for the second week in a row.

An audience member at "Frontline" erupted in fury as Kenny (€600,000 a year or $900,000) interviewed Government politician Mary Hanafin about the looming cuts in social welfare.

The man blasted Kenny saying, “You don’t have the moral right to stand for the people."

“It’s you Pat Kenny who gets €600,000 a year for doing 11 hours a week and you have the indignity to speak about people on the social welfare.

“You pontificate against ministers and their corrupt system.

Your RTE and the elite top 20 paid do not deserve the money they get and you need to be confronted for your moralising and your hypocrisy.

“€600,000 and at the boomtime you were earning €900,000 – for RTE, not ABC Nightline in the United States.

“You get four times the pay of the United States president and I don’t mind this woman (Mary Hanafin) here who was elected by the people to be corrupt but who gave you and your cohorts such exaggerated pay under what condition, the licence fee."

Speaking after the un-named man was led from the studio, Kenny said, “It’s fair to say that we give everyone a voice,” to laughter from others in the audience.