Claiming to be relatives of the Mary Teresa and Nora Hayes up to 30 people have come forward in response to an ad displayed in Irish national newspapers.

The two women have left their multi-million fortune to animal charities but their family was all be informed by law. Though the family will not receive the huge cash inheritance the advertisement did not explain the situation in a hope to attract more interest.

The sisters, originally from Coolkeragh, Listowel, County Kerry, have left what is thought to between four and five million dollars to small animal charities.

The lawyer in Kerry dealing with the estate is Louis McDonagh. He said “I got about 30 replies so far from here, there and everywhere. Some were from the UK and others were from different parts of the country," he said.

"I've had a bunch of emails and phone calls, and I'm not surprised at that because I knew the extended family was sizeable."

"A few people, naturally enough, were enquiring if there was possibly any benefit for themselves from it, but they all accepted it philosophically when they were told it's unlikely," he said.

Relatives will be given two more weeks to come forward. The two sisters who lived in the Upper East Side of Manhattan have left their fortune to PETA and other small animal charities.