Irish NGO Haven U.S. is looking for 40 volunteers to help them build sustainable communities on the island of Ile a Vache in Haiti May 2013.

Volunteers will depart from New York on Saturday May 25th returning on Saturday June 1st.  During the trip Haven volunteers will partner up with the local community on Ile a Vache to help restore community buildings and facilities that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, which ripped through the country last October.

Haven is holding an information meeting in Navillus offices, 575 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10017 on Tuesday 12th of March for anyone interested in finding out more about Haven’s latest volunteer program.

Volunteers are required to raise $5,000 which goes towards the cost of building materials, local community development programs, all meals, accommodation and transport to and from Haiti.

To date Haven has brought over 1,400 volunteers from all over Ireland and the US to Haiti to assist with the construction of houses for local families, many of whom were made destitute by the devastating 2010 earthquake.

Sarah Fitzpatrick, Head of the Haven US office said: “Volunteering with Haven in Haiti is an experience like no other. The new volunteer program will see volunteers work side by side with local communities really making a difference where it matters most- on the ground, at grassroots level.

“Haven’s four year strategy is to assist in alleviating property in Haiti by focusing on water; sanitation; shelter; training and education.”

Click here to find out more details about the volunteer program.


Volunteer workers in Haitit from the Irish charity HavenGoogle Images