A new poll shows that Fianna Fail support is at a record low in Ireland. The main government party rates just 17 percent support. On that number, they could lose up to 40 seats of their 78-seat 2007 election total.

Meanwhile, their coalition partners, the Greens, are at just 3 percent. The poll conducted for the Sunday Business Post was concluded before the IMF announced they were stepping in to sort out the Irish economy.

In contrast, the two main opposition parties continue to push well clear. Fine Gael  have 33 percent support while the Labor Party has 27 percent.

Other opposition parties also fare well. Sinn Fein, after the Gerry Adams announcement that he will run in the Irish election, are up two points to 11 percent, their best performance in years.

The low poll numbers for the government will complicate their efforts to negotiate with the IMF and pass a budget.

Opposition leaders have been stating that the current government completely lacks a mandate for those negotiations, and they will find support for that position in these poll numbers.

However, Prime Minister Brian Cowen has reiterated that he will not call an election and will continue in power. Most observers expect an election however, early in the new year.