A new opinion poll in Ireland shows small signs of a government comeback.

After successive bad poll results,  Fianna Fail edged up one point to 24 percent support and second place behind main opposition Fine Gael, according to the Sunday Business Post poll.

The Labor Party, which had been in second place, dropped to 22 percent, still one of their highest showings.

Fine Gael dropped three points to 30 percent, a result sure to fuel more speculation about whether their leader, Enda Kenny, is able to capitalize on the disastrous economic situation.

Sinn Fein also showed a large rise in the poll, going from six to 10 percent.

The Greens, who share power with Fianna Fail, are at five percent, meaning that both government parties combined have just 29 percent support at this time.

The poll also asked people if they thought the country was heading in the right direction.

Thirty-six percent agreed, while 47 percent say Ireland is heading the wrong way.