Irish people have been warned against traveling to Britain after a fourth night of rioting as trouble spread across the United Kingdom.

It’s the first time in the history of the state that the government here has issued an advisory about conditions across the Irish Sea.

The escalation of violence across England has led to calls for the British Army to be deployed on the streets in an effort to quell rioters.

Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Wolverhampton and Bristol were the latest scenes for chaos on Tuesday night as civil unrest grew in the UK.

As a result, the Irish government has now issued a warning to anyone thinking of traveling to Britain in the coming days.

The government has also offered advice to the one million Irish-born citizens who live in England as rioting escalates.


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Although it has stopped short of advising people not to travel to Britain in any circumstance, the warning is stark.

Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs has posted a notice on its website advising Irish nationals to be vigilant.

Irish people living in or planning to travel to certain areas of the United Kingdom were warned to be particularly careful.

The Department has advised travelers to: “Avoid areas where civil unrest is occurring and follow any instructions issued by the police and local authorities.”

Irish born citizens already living in Britain have been advised to: “Be vigilant and monitor local media for current information and follow the advice of local authorities.”

British policeman, covered in blood, stares on in disbelief at rioting in LondonGoogle Images