Invest Ireland, has released a Christmas announcement, as part of their “What makes Ireland great?” campaign along with Ireland's Industrial Development Agency (IDA). The special advert directed at children around the world announces that “the Daddy of them all is coming to town.”

In a “breaking news” report the anchor says “Ireland’s success in attracting the biggest and best companies in the world continues.”

Can you guess what is? Yes “international gift delivery mogul Father Christmas” is coming to town.

That’s right Santa Corp is bringing its “magic workshop operation” to Ireland.

Santa's chief elf told a press conference the Irish green fields would suit the reindeer and be ideal for the workshop operation. He continued by explaining that the fact that Ireland is a leading data-hub is ideal for the company, which monitors the all important 'naughty or nice' list.

It was also said that the move to Ireland could see financial opportunities as Leprechauns and the Elves could join business links.

Here’s the clip: