The Irish American Republicans group have come out with a strong endorsement of Paul Ryan as VP following criticism of the choice form their Democratic counterparts.

"The Irish American Republicans praise the selection by Mitt Romney of Rep Paul Ryan to be the Republican Nominee for Vice President.  Rep Paul Ryan is a serious political leader, who has shown the courage to draft a national Budget, that is balanced, will not raise taxes, and will restart our national economy. The Irish American Republicans salute Mitt Romney on a brilliant choice for Vice President." stated Grant Lally, IAR National Co-Chair.

"Paul Ryan has shown real courage - the one thing you see far too little of in Obama's Washington.  When no one said it could be done, Paul Ryan produced a national Budget that is balanced and deals with the real problems of huge deficits, and health care programs - Medicare and Medicaid - that Obama is trying to bankrupt.  Paul Ryan is a breath of fresh air and will be a great Vice President." Lally Continued.

"Rep Paul Ryan is a great Irish-American.  The utter nonsense and nasty personal invective that we are hearing from Obama's far-Left "attack poodles," is really unworthy of response. Barack Obama has nothing but failure to run on, so he and his minions engage in the politics of personal attack.  Well your nasty behavior won't work anymore, President Obama." Said Jeff Cleary, IAR National Co-Chair.

"All Irish Americans - and all people who care about whether this country has a future - should support Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney.  Under Obama this country is headed into oblivion - a debt-ridden, economically stagnant, welfare nation.  This may be our last chance to save America as a beacon of hope and prosperity to the world.  Obama means poverty, bankruptcy, hucksterism, and government hand-outs.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan mean fiscal sanity, balanced budgets, job creation and a future for our country.  The choice is that clear."  Cleary concluded.

The Irish American Republicans are a national coalition of Irish Americans in the Republican Party, originally founded in 1868.  They have played a leading role in elections across the United States, for which they have been dubbed by Sean Hannity, as "the GOP's Delta Force."


Paul Ryan speaking at an American Ireland Fund eventGoogle Images