The gender pay gap among workers in Ireland has widened, official statistics have shown.

The latest report by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) shows women in Ireland are paid 13 percent less than males. The gender gap in salaries dropped to a record low of 10.7 percent in  October 2007. But it was continued to widen since then.

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CSO figures from its National Employment Survey, compiled in October 2009 now puts the average difference between men and women at 12.8 percent.

The reports findings show that average earnings in October 2009 were  €22.05 ($31.76) an hour, a two percent increase on the previous year.

Men were paid €23.63 ($34.04) on average compared to €20.61  ($29.69) for women.

Irish women make more when they don’t have kidsGetty Images/Hemera