The Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is offering 250 to 1 odds that President Barack Obama will say that "Life is like a box of chocolates" in his first State of the Union address tonight.

The first topic, unsurprisingly, is expected to be "heath care reform" at 4-1 while "the war on terror" is just 14-1.

The relatively poor betting on "terror" shows how far we've come from the State of the Union in 2002 when George W gave us the "axis of evil."

Paddy Power expects the speech to clock in at less than 45 minutes giving just 11/2.

For the full details see the list below.

Length of State of the Union Speech
11/2 Under 45 Min
8/1 45.00 - 47 Min
5/1 47.01 - 49 Min
7/2 49.01 - 51 Min
9/4 51.01 - 53 Min
11/4 53.01 - 55 Min
4/1 Over 55 Mins

Color of Obama's Tie
11/10 Red
6/4 Blue
6/1 Silver
8/1 Pink
10/1 Green
12/1 Purple
18/1 Orange
20/1 Yellow
25/1 Black
50/1 Gold
100/1 Stars & Stripes

Cliche betting -- what will he say first?
4/1 Health Care Reform
12/1 As I stand here today
12/1 Fundamental belief
12/1 Defining moment
12/1 God Bless America
14/1 Let me be clear
14/1 War on terror
14/1 Politics of hope
14/1 Common purpose
16/1 Crossroads of history
16/1 I have a dream
16/1 Pursuit of happiness
16/1 I'm fired up
16/1 Building a better America
18/1 My civil liberties
18/1 Same old politics
18/1 Core Values
18/1 Hungry for change
18/1 It won't be easy
20/1 Honor for me
20/1 Safe from harm
20/1 Don't get me wrong
20/1 Decent shot at life
25/1 There are better days ahead
25/1 Challenges that face us
25/1 Make Washington work
25/1 Hard to believe
25/1 We cannot lose hope
25/1 We can be one people
25/1 We'll have to make hard choices
25/1 Make college more affordable
33/1 For far too long
33/1 Beacon of freedom
33/1 All men are created equal
33/1 Faith in simple dreams
33/1 Jobs to the jobless
33/1 In the words of JF Kennedy
33/1 All of them with a story to tell
33/1 Divided, we are bound to fail
33/1 Where North, South, East and West come together
33/1 Washington has a long way to go
33/1 Reshapes our economy
33/1 Let us transform this nation
40/1 Homes to the homeless
40/1 A new direction
40/1 Deepest gratitude
40/1 We all made this journey for a reason
40/1 There is power in words.
40/1 There is power in conviction.
40/1 Willing to listen to each other
40/1 We can work together to keep our country safe
50/1 Abiding faith
50/1 Possibilities of this nation
50/1 Greatness of our nation
50/1 Believe in what this country can be
50/1 In the face of despair, you believe there can be hope
50/1 Unity is the great need of the hour
50/1 Serve as a model for the world
50/1 The vehicle, of your hopes, and your dreams
66/1 Legacy of our forbearers
66/1 Doors of opportunity
66/1 Brighter day will come
66/1 Where I learned the meaning of my Christian faith
66/1 Disagree without being disagreeable
66/1 Let us be the generation that begins that work
80/1 Diversity of my heritage
80/1 Promise of future generations
80/1 Overcome the adversity
80/1 We have more work to do
100/1 Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names
100/1 An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind
250/1 Let's get ready to rumble
250/1 Life is like a box of chocolates
250/1 I won't seek re-election
500/1 Always bet on black!